Is Miracle Gro Cactus Soil Good For Succulents?

Some say yes, others say no... read on to find out why!

What is the Best Privacy Tree?

Looking for some great options for a privacy screen using trees, hedges or shrubs? This article is for you!

The Best Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer (Electric) For 2023

Got Plenty of Trees, Shrubs Or Hedges That Need Trimming Every Year? Then a Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer May Be For You! Read on to learn more about our favorite pick.

The Best Garden Tower For 2023

Ready to do big things in small spaces? Then a tower garden system may be for you!

Why Are the Leaves On My Prayer Plant Wrinkled??

Are you worried because you're seeing the leaves on your Prayer Plant curl up or develop wrinkles? If this sounds like you then read on!

5 Tips For People Thinking About Buying a Garden Tower®

Interested in doing some vertical gardening on a patio or in a small space? Then a Garden Tower® may be for you. Here are some tips if you're thinking about buying one!

How Long Does It Take to Propagate Basil?

So - you’re interested in propagating basil (aka Ocimum basilicum). Good news! It’s really easy to make some Basil cuttings / clippings and propagate your plant into multiple specimens. Here's how.

How Often Should I Water My Hen & Chicks Plant (Sempervivum)?

Succulents are resilient, and Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum) are as tough as it gets in the plant world. They are one of the houseplants we recommend for beginners because they are nearly indestructible. Here’s how often you should water your Sempervivum babies.

Snake Plant Care: How to Grow This Alluring Houseplant

Looking for a beautiful houseplant that's easy to care for and won't die easily? Well, I've got something for you today - Snake Plant! This wonderful houseplant is one of our favorites, so read on to find out why it's one of the best indoor plants for beginners!

35 Funny Ways to Say You're Going Plant Shopping (You'll Laugh At These)

What is your favorite way to tell your significant other that you're going plant shopping... without saying as much? Here are some unusual and hilarious ones!

What Are The Best Low Light Houseplants?

Are you looking for some great options for low light plants for indoor spaces? If yes, you're in the right place! Read on to discover some plants that are ideal for low light indoor conditions.

East LA Family Moves From Shed to Apartment, Thanks to 8 Year Old's Plant Business

He Started His Business Last Year to Boost His Family's Finances. Now He's Given Them a New Home With His Savings.

15 Outrageous Plant Selfie Tips: How to Take Hilarious Photos With Your Plants

In these WEIRD times it's up to us to entertain ourselves. What better way to do that than to warm up your 'selfie arm' and get busy. Here are some outlandish ideas for entertaining yourself by taking some plant selfies. Try these ideas tonight!

What Are the Biggest Mistakes Beginners Make With Succulents?

Got a problem with killing your succulents? You're in the right place, so read on! You're about to learn the most common things beginners do to make their succulents unhappy.

What DIY Soil Mix Is Best For Succulents Indoors?

When thinking about how to transplant succulents for moving them inside it’s important to consider the type of variables you can control for your succulents to be happy. Click the link to learn more!

The Best Garden Focaccia Ever! (Recipe)

Where are my lazy bakers at? My people, I’ve found you. Look, I don't really like being in the kitchen. I won’t pretend that it sparks a ton of joy on my part, but honestly, what beats fresh baked focaccia bread? Answer: fresh baked GARDEN focaccia bread. Click the link to learn more!

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