15 Outrageous Plant Selfie Tips: How to Take Hilarious Photos With Your Plants

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Just Give Me the Tips You FREAKS

In these WEIRD times it's up to us to entertain ourselves.

What better way to do that than to warm up your 'selfie arm' and get busy.

Here are some outlandish ideas for entertaining yourself by taking some plant selfies. Try these ideas tonight!

Tip 1/15: Teach your plant to take its own selfie - did you know that plants can take selfies too? Crazy, huh! According to the BBC a plant in London has triggered a selfie on its own. Whoa!

Tip 2/15: Use crazy lighting! Your grow lights put out a purple-ish light, so put them on in the background and get the party started.

Tip 3/15: Wear a plant costume. Bonus points if the get up is based on one of your own plants.

Tip 4/15: Turn your plant into a character (could be any one you want). If you have a cactus then use a Sean Penn mask because he's a prick!

Tip 5/15: Use a standing sign board to include a funny quote or meme in your selfie. For example - "I wet my plants"!

Tip 6/15: Garden naked, and use plants to cover your nether regions in the photos. If anyone asks just say you're loving the freedom.

Tip 7/15: Take your plant to a weird location like a grocery store and take a selfie. Bonus points if you AND your plant are dressed in a dog costume!

Tip 8/15: Hold up a funny sign - something like: "A Dirty Hoe is a Happy Hoe".

Tip 9/15: Forget a photo - do a video with a choreographed dance routine involving your plant! 80's air band hair is optional, but lip syncing is not! LOL.

Tip 10/15: Show your plant using gardening tools, and doing gardening itself. For instance - your plant hoeing garden beds. You'll need a tripod and self timer for this one.

Tip 11/15: Get a second camera to take "B" roll video footage so people can get a glimpse behind-the-scenes into your plant selfie shoot.

Tip 12/15: Now for the boring ones - get a tripod and tripod mount for your phone, and use a self timer for your plant selfie. This will increase the sharpness and quality of your plant selfie photos.

Tip 13/15: Use a DSLR (aka digital SLR - the big cameras with removable lenses). Use your standard kit lens in the middle of its zoom range e.g. 24-30mm and the middle of it aperture range (e.g. f5.6-f8).

Tip 14/15: Here are a bunch of ideas at once: Arrange plant arms like they are around you, plant a kiss (on your plant), put headphones on your plant, do a time lapse with your plant (you stay still for 3 hours, the plant moves), have drinks together (you have a cocktail and your plant has watering can). The only limit to these ideas is your imagination, so let it run WILD and be creative!

Tip 15/15: Share your plant selfies as widely as possible! After all, 2 laughs are better than one. And we'll be laughing right along with you at your plant selfie adventures.

So good!

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