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Is Miracle Gro Cactus Soil Good For Succulents?

Some Say Yes, Others Say No... Read On to Find Out Why!

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In our private FB group (12K+ Sassy Planters and growing) a member recently asked if anyone has used Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm, and Citrus Mix potting soil, and whether it's a good choice for cactii or succulents.

Since we haven't used it ourselves we thought we would answer the question using responses from our community so you can benefit from our members' experience with this product.

Here are our members responses when asked: "Do you use Miracle Gro cactus soil mix?

Is Miracle Gro Cactus Soil Mix a Good Choice For Succulents?

"Yep. Use it all the time. Works great! You could add sand but I use this and it works just fine, my pots have drain holes and some also have rocks at the bottom to help with draining. I've had succulents for years and this is the soil I have always used. Hopefully you have just as much luck!"

"I prefer the Dr earth personally. I've used both.. personally I like to steer away from Miracle Grow products if possible. Dr Earth is organic and I think better quality product, in my opinion."

"My local nursery makes stuff that's cheaper and better and profits my local businesses."

"I use Miracle Gro Cactus Soil Mix, but I also add poultry grit for my succulents."

"Yes, but I add perlite to it."

"Yes use it and love it."

"Yes I used to, but it’s not great to be honest. Ended up repotting everything after about a year and wish I’d just started with something else. Fox Farms is great, Bonsai Jack is great, both are expensive though. Now I use literally any other bagged potting soil (anything other than Miracle Gro mud I mean) and add pumice. Could use coarse sand, perlite, decomposed granite, chicken grit, Turface, or any other extra drainage, doesn’t really matter what kind, I just like pumice. But you’ll have to add things to the Miracle Gro soil mix anyway, so might as well add to one that’s better quality."

"I would also encourage you to literally just google this. I was surprised how many people felt the way I did about MG. It’s not just the gnats, it’s the poor quality of the soil in general, which is why every other comment here says to add drainage. It compacts and becomes hydrophobic quickly and suffocates roots. It’s just poor quality soil with great marketing."

"I use this! I bought some perlite to add to it, but it worked great even without the extra perlite."

"I used it and mixed in some perlite 50/50. It was the only cactus soil I could find, I feel it definitely needs something more added for drainage."

"Yes. And I add my own sand/gravel to it for my lithops. They seem to thrive in it. I've used it for 2yrs now."

"I don't use it because of all the fungus, mold, and gnat issues but also because it's full of chemical crap and I very much prefer natural fertilizers."

"I don't use Miracle Gro soil, I use organic soil that I mix with worm castings, bone meal, etc."

"No, I use black gold brand of soils."

"Watch out for fungus gnats and mushrooms spore. This brand is really bad in Alabama."

"I have always used it, but finding it's better to add other ingredients to it."

"I always use it."

"Yupp! Does need a little more help with drainage, so adding some perlite does the trick."

"Love it, works great for Venus fly traps as well"

"Yep, I've used it for a long time."

"My daughter uses it and has had very good luck."

"Yup. I use it with all my cactii."

"We use it all the time here. I’ve never had a problem with fungus or bugs with it.

"I have probably 50 cactus in the house right now and all have doubled in size over the winter."

Yes. I use crocks and rocks at the bottom of the pot, and then I mix this compost with sand. I use permatil on top of everything. My cactus overwintered outside in a pot like that and survived beautifully."

"I always use it with my succulents. They love it, I love it lol. Never any issue with mold or gnats."

"Works really good I always use it on mine."

"I use this with all my plants. I mix half and half of MG with the potting soil. And add some perlite."

"I use it but add more perlite"

"Used it last year and I swear that’s why my plants died."

"I have bought this the past year but after reading some I kind of want to make my own. It hasn’t killed my plants and I haven’t ever had bugs... I just think it needs more sand /rock in the soil itself."

"I use it and so far so good!"

"I use it in all of mine and they are thriving."

I used it and lost some plants and got a million gnats and bugs from it

"I used it and lost some plants and got a million gnats and bugs from it"

"1 cup water 1 cup peroxide soak soil well repeat if needed. It works great for me. Kills gnats and mold."

"Yes! Excellent results! I sometimes mix with soil to help with well!"

"My Cactus seem to like it."

"I use this but I have tons of gnats from it"

"1 cup water 1 cup peroxide soak soil well repeat if needed. Tat kills gnats and mold. Works great for me."

"I have and it seems to work fine just top with some pebbles and rocks to make it a little drier"

"It’s the soil I’ve always used. I’ll add some perlite to it with certain plants"

"The best!"

"I use it. My succulents are happy and beautiful! I mix in soil from my local nursery and perlite"

"It's the only kind I use and my succs love it!"

"It is the only one I use"

"That's what I use plus a soil mix I buy off Amazon."

"I use it and no problems. I do mix a little regular potting mix with it for my succulents. I think it gets too dry..."

"Miracle Gro is nasty! "

"It’s the best! Highly recommend!

"That’s what I use!"

"I use it but add about a third more perlite to it. Be careful not to buy the water saver one. It has water retaining crystals in it and I can only imagine that being useful in California, Nevada etc."

"I use it when I’m in a bind and can’t get my preferred stuff. I like black gold cactus mix better."

"I use it, seems to be doing the job."

"We sell tons of it at work..never a complaint..Great product."

Problems / Issues With Miracle Gro Cactus Soil Mix For Succulents (Based On Our Members' Experiences)

Some Sassy Planters have mentioned that they've had some of the following challenges with Miracle Gro as a cactus soil mix:

  • Fungus gnats
  • Mold
  • Not gritty enough - needs things added to it (perlite, pumice, poultry grit)
  • Not sandy enough - needs more sand and/or gravel

Experiences seem to vary by state as not everyone has had to deal with fungus gnats or mold.

There are enough people who've had a good experience with this product to conclude that it probably makes a fine choice in many cases.

However, there are plenty of other good options on the market, and there's always the DIY route.

The choice you make may depend on your budget and local availability of more than one cactus soil option for your succulents.

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