5 Tips For People Thinking About Buying a Garden Tower®

The Sassy Plant’s Tips For Choosing a Vertical Garden Tower®

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1. Get one that spins.

All things being equal, the best garden tower is one that has a built in spinning capability. It’s also more practical because you can access your plants from any side or angle. No need to bend over or kneel painfully for hours on end - simply stand up, turn your Garden Tower® , and get busy.

2. It should fit your patio or deck space.

Trying to grow a large garden of herbs, vegetables and flowers is challenging in small spaces. The only solution if you have a few square feet is to go upward rather than outward. Going vertical also has another benefit - you can work standing up so won’t strain your back.

3. Make sure it has built-in composting (for nutrient supercharging).

The right Garden Tower® for you will enable you to recycle your kitchen scraps. This is an easy way to create free organic compost that your plants will love. Imagine how much fresher, tastier and more vibrant your herbs and veggies will be when grown with nutrient-rich organic compost!

4. Put it on wheels.

In small spaces you have to get creative with gardening. Ideally, you would cover your entire deck or patio with planters, but that's far from practical. Since you’ve already thought about getting a garden tower that spins you might as well put it on wheels too. That way you can move it to wherever it’s most comfortable to tend to your plants. Regular garden beds and containers are not moveable, but if you think about it, they probably should be.

5. Get one with a capacity for 50 or more plants.

There are various vertical garden towers on the market but some of them don't have much capacity. Imagine if you had the ability to grow 50 or more plants in a 4 square feet space (2ft x 2ft). You could have a thriving patio garden with herbs, salad greens, veggies and more!

Is there a plant lover who hasn’t bent down or knelt in agony while planting, watering or weeding a ground level garden bed?

The alternative, raised garden beds at waist level, requires a ton of space such as a large backyard plus some serious construction skills and tools.

Do you really want to build a raised garden bed or hire someone else to do it?

Do you have the space for raised garden beds?

There has to be a better way.

If you’re sick of bending over and kneeling on the ground for hours at a time…

If you have limited deck or patio space and you want to have a thriving garden…

If you lack the skills or space to build a raised garden bed...

If you want to compost kitchen scraps but don’t know how to get started…

Then it’s time to have a look at the Garden Tower® 2 !

Just Look at the Yield You Could Get

It Also Spins...

Here's What People Have to Say

With thousands of units sold across the United States, Canada, The UK and Australia The Garden Tower® is a proven solution for growing plenty of plants in a small space... even for people with bad knees or a bad back!

“This Garden Tower® is fantastic. I’m a certified permaculturist and my wife and I purchased one of these last summer as I have a bad back. It worked great. The design is excellent; it’s sturdy, and well-crafted. All you need to do is buy a cup of worms at the start of the year to begin moving nutrients and have a decent container underneath to recycle those many nutrients. We’re looking at getting a 2nd one so that we can grow more veggies this summer!! Thank you Garden Tower® folks!!”

Brian Bunn
Certified Permaculturist (Bloomington, Indiana)

“Less is more when it comes to gardening, and the Garden Tower® 2 is great for people who are short on space” says Colin Cudmore, co-founder of The Garden Tower® Project.

“The Garden Tower® is ideal for plant lovers of all ages and ability levels (even people with a bad back). You can grow a thriving vegetable and herb garden much faster than a regular garden bed and with way less space. You can also recycle your kitchen scraps to boot using its composting technology” says Daniel Douglas from The Sassy Plant, an online community with over 10,000 plant lovers.

Some Interesting Things to Consider

Would you agree that:

  • Food security has become more important in these crazy times...
  • If grocery stores shut down its important to have your own source of fresh produce...
  • The more vegetable and herb plants you have the higher your yield will be...
  • The soil you can trust the most is your own...
  • Composting kitchen scraps is an easy way to provide free organic fertilizer for your plants...
  • Bending over at the back and kneeling on the ground are annoying and painful...

With these things in mind it's time to say that...

...The Garden Tower® is an excellent solution for people who want a bounty harvest but have limited space and want to avoid weeding. It’s available for $369 and sold only on the Garden Tower® Project's website.

The Garden Tower® 2 enables you to enjoy gardening without all the headaches. It's perfect if you have bad knees, a bad back or little available space (e.g. a deck or patio).

Do You Want to Buy This?

If YES I'd like you to consider at least viewing the product page today.

You might not be ready to pull out your credit card, but at least give it some thought.

And, when you're ready, follow through and complete your purchase.

Garden Tower® 2: 50-Plant Composting Vertical Garden Planter

$359.00 - Buy It Now, or Buy It Later

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