What is the Best Monthly Succulent Subscription Box/Club? [2021]?

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Here Are 3 of the Top Monthly Succulent Clubs, Hand-Picked For Your Needs!

Succulents are one of life’s greatest joys. We really enjoy growing them, propagating them, and most of all - getting new ones!

That’s why succulent of the month clubs are so wonderful - everyone loves getting something in the mail!

Now let’s talk about which monthly succulent gift boxes are the best to purchase, and why.

To compile this mini guide we conducted detailed research including:

  • Google searches
  • Website analysis
  • Review analysis
  • Testimonial analysis
  • Facebook pages
  • Reddit threads
  • Online forum postings

The objective was to determine a set of criteria for determining which monthly succulent companies are the best.

How Are You Defining 'Best'?

Here are the criteria we chose to use in evaluating the top succulent of the month providers:

  • Guarantee (money back and/or replacement)
  • Refunds
  • Number of reviews
  • Average rating out of 5 (if available)
  • Number of ratings
  • FAQ

For you to compile this data yourself would take hours, so let us save you the hassle. Read on to learn more!

The Brutally Honest Truth About Succulent of the Month Club Gifts

Before we jump in to a list of companies there are a couple of caveats.

Despite thousands of happy customers out there not everyone can receive perfect goods.

We’ll be candid here - some people have had a poor experience with their succulent club delivery.

We’ve heard stories of succulents arriving in poor health or broken, and this could be due to a variety of reasons - rough handling, freezing weather in winter and many more.

In some cases the plants can be rescued, and in others not.

Here are our thoughts on the matter.

Instead of fixating on one or two horror stories you need to keep the big picture in mind.

The vast majority of subscribers are happy with what they get each month, so take that into account when deciding if a monthly succulent box is the right gift for you, a family member, friend or client.

These companies would not be growing if they never delivered on their promises.

Also, if you deal with a company who offers refunds and/or replacements you won't have to worry.

Any company worth their salt will want you happy and referring friends, so the best ones will have a solid refund and/or replacement policy in place.

Returns aren't possible as plants would not survive a 2 way journey.

For each company below we've checked out their guarantee and refund policy to ensure you'll be taken care of should a plant arrive broken or not as advertised.

The Top Monthly Succulent Subscriptions / Boxes / Clubs

Now it's time to look at your options, so here we go!

Option #2: Succulents Box

Guarantee: refund or replacement if plants arrive damaged

Refunds: yes



Review Data: 5/5 (7,673 people)


Our Thoughts: with over 7,000 reviews submitted this is clearly an established, successful company. We don't totally trust every rating being 5/5 like theirs are, so we'd like to see a little more variety in the ratings. Still, we would be more than comfortable buying from this company : )

Option #3:Leaf and Clay

Guarantee: no returns on live plants, but, in their words: "will ensure your satisfaction" (translation: you'll have to contact them for replacement and follow up on it)

Refunds: no



Review Data: no star rating available (2,884 people)

FAQ: n/a

Our Thoughts: they seem to have a tantalizing selection of beautiful succulents, so check them out and see if there's an option that's right for you.

Option #1: Succulent Studios

Guarantee: if broken, you'll get a replacement

Refunds: no



Review Data: 3.8/5 (1,050 people)


Our Thoughts: with a replacement guarantee in place and a transparent FAQ you're in good hands with Succulent Studios. Our FB group members frequently mention good experiences with this company.

Frequently Asked Questions About Monthly Succulent Subscription Boxes / Clubs

What is a Succulent of the Month Box?

A succulent of the month subscription enables you to deliver a fun and exciting experience every month to you or someone you know - a new succulent in the mail!

How Do Monthly Succulent Boxes Work?

With a succulent subscription you'll receive one or more new succulents in the mail every month along with a container (in some cases) and care instructions. The way they are packaged will vary by company.

What Can I Expect In Terms of Quality?

In general, quality can sometimes decrease during winter in colder parts of the country. However, these companies have built their business on competent plant shipping, so you can expect your deliveries to come as promised most of the time.

If the Plants Arrive in Poor Conditions Will I Get a Refund?

Most companies have refund, return or exchange policies, so just go to their website to find out the specifics. Our research has shown that companies stand behind what they sell and will usually at minimum provide a replacement should you receive a broken succulent by mail.

How Much Variety Is There In Each Month's Shipment?

With a monthly succulent subscription you'll never get the same plant twice, so you can grow your collection without worrying about getting duplicates.

How Much Do Succulent Boxes Cost (Price)?

There are variety of plans and price levels depending on how many plants you want to receive. Check each company's website for details.


Well there you have it - the top succulent box companies.

Now it's time to check out your favorite companies to learn more, and when you're ready, sign up!

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