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Products We Love: Sun Joe 4 Amp Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer

If you're in the market for a corded pole hedge trimmer this one deserves your consideration.

Photo: The Sassy Plant

After plenty of use on hedges and trees of multiple sizes we've decided that we like the Sun Joe 4.0 amp corded pole hedge trimmer.

We're using it to trim all sorts of trees and hedges including: cedar, laurel, japanese maple, yew and many more.

Before Sun Joe

Before owning the Sun Joe extended pole trimmer we used a standard electric hedge trimmer. It which works great for jobs close to the ground, but for trimming taller trees, hedges and shrubs it sucks because you either have to extend your arms all the way outward, or go way up a ladder which can become dangerous.

I'd much rather use an extended pole trimmer from the ground, and that's where the Sun Joe 4.0 amp corded pole hedge trimmer really comes into its own.

Based on our personal experience we think its one of the best corded pole hedge trimmers (electric) on the market today.

After Sun Joe

It's so much easier trimming a shrub with an extended pole trimmer. I can be in a solid, balanced position on the ground without having to risk life and limb on a ladder.

For the jobs where a ladder is required I only have to go up a rung or two rather than up to the very top like I would with a regular electric hedge trimmer.

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