East LA Family Moves From Shed to Apartment, Thanks to 8 Year Old's Plant Business

He Started His Business Last Year to Boost His Family's Finances. Now He's Given Them a New Home With His Savings.

Photo: milivigerova

Things are starting to look brighter for 8 year old Aaron Moreno and his family. Last year he started his business, Aaron's Garden, to help bring in some money for his family. Now, they have saved enough to upgrade their living situation from a shed to an apartment.

"I feel happy because we don't have to struggle as much as before" said Moreno. He started his business earlier last year after his mother Berenice Pacheco lost her job due to the pandemic.

Aaron's mom now has a part-time job, and thanks to thanks to that plus a Go Fund Me page started by a family friend they've been able to buy a car and furniture for their home.

"I feel happier now because we could go places" said the child entrepreneur.

Thanks to Aaron's business and the Go Fund Me page the family was able to bring back Aaron's sister who was sent to Mexico to live with grandparents in 2018 due to financial struggles.

"I'm so proud of my brother because he was the one who brought me back" said Ayleen Pacheco, Moreno's sister.

"One of the best things to come from this is that Aaron was able to reunite us with his older sister thanks to his plant business" said Pacheco. "He has been doing everything for us, it's almost like he's the man of the house."

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